The most common initial FAA license. This requires 40 hours of logged time and offers the greatest flexibility short of commercial privileges.

This license may be trained for in the Light-sport CTLS in addition to all other aircraft Zone offers.

Private Pilot Certificate Training

Less than one percent of the U.S. population holds a Private Pilot Certificate. You have just taken the first step towards joining one of the most elite groups of individuals in this country. Training to become a Private Pilot will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. Zone Aviation’s experienced flight instructors will allow you to join this elite group with confidence. Be assured you will develop your skills in new era Aircraft and use the most advanced training systems available.

How long will it take to get my Private Pilot Certificate?

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight training to be eligible for certification. The time required can be as little as several weeks if you enroll in our accelerated training program but whether it’s weeks or months is up to you. Immerse yourself in flight instruction several times a week or spread it out over several months, the choice is yours.

What are the steps to get my certificate?

  1. Prepare for the written test. From the first flight with your instructor you’ll need to study along the way in preparation for your written exam which is usually taken towards the end of you flight training.
  2. Dual Instruction. The majority of the hours flown in the beginning will be with a certified FAA flight instructor. During this time you will be introduced to maneuvers and skills required to develop into a proficient pilot.
  3. Acquire a FAA medical certificate. Before you may engage in solo flight training you must obtain at least a Third Class Medical Certificate issued by an FAA designated medical examiner.
  4. Solo Flight Training. When you are ready, your instructor will set you free to make your first solo flight. During this phase of flight training you will go out on your own and fine tune your skills. During this period you will build the confidence necessary to become a proficient pilot. You will remember that first solo for the rest of your life!
  5. Cross Country Flight. Not as daunting as it sounds, but you will, with the supervision of your instructor, travel solo from your home airport to one or more airports and back home. These exercises will ensure your ability to fly and navigate safely.
  6. Oral and Practical Test. Once you meet all the flight training requirements and you instructor believes you are proficient, you are then ready for your “check-ride”. This check ride is composed of an oral examination and a hands-on flight in the aircraft with an FAA designated examiner. The check ride examines your knowledge, practices, and proficiency at the controls of the aircraft.

How Much Will it Cost?

The FAA has a set of minimums required to gain a Private Pilot certificate. We have found that most students will require slightly more training than the minimum requirements. The tables below will approximate the cost of a private pilot certificate at the FAA minimums, and at an average that we at Zone Aviation have found to be accurate.

Aircraft price has been raised due to increased fuel prices.

What Other Expenses Will I Have?

There will be other miscellaneous expenses associated with flight training. The largest additional expense you can expect is the cost to buy a pilot’s headset. A basic headset can be bought for around 150 dollars, with the most advanced headsets available costing nearly 1000 dollars. If you are unsure of what type you need, your instructor would be glad to assist you. You should also plan on spending some additional money on books, reference materials, and other supplies.

What type of aircraft will I fly?

Here at Zone Aviation our private pilot students can train in a wide variety of aircraft.

All our aircraft are equipped with a “Glass Cockpit” which can be set up in the new Redbird simulator too!

Is the sky really the limit? … Are you ready for takeoff?


Why choose Zone Aviation for your private pilot training?

We have the equipment and experienced flight instructors to help you fulfill your dreams of flight. Whether you just want to learn to fly for recreation or intend to make it a career, Zone Aviation will make your dream a reality through our proven flight training program. Experience the Zone Aviation difference!