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At Zone Aviation, we provide aircraft training for pilots in record time. From sport and private pilot training, to instrument rating and career pilot training, we are an experienced training facility in the United States. 

Zone Aviation’s accelerated programs allow you to learn at your own pace. Our flight instructors are FAA certified and use the latest computer-based instruction, saving you time and money. We are dedicated to quality training to transform you into a knowledgeable, confident pilot in no time.  Zone Aviation proudly serves all of Northern Ohio.

We are a Cirrus-certified flight training center, specializing in pilot training, aircraft training and small plane pilot training.  Please see below for more information on our programs, offerings, and costs. You can contact us to register or get more information.

Ground School

Ground school is where future aviators learn all they need to know to pass the FAA's knowledge test.  We offer several ground school sessions each year.

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Recreational Pilot

A Recreational Pilot's License is a little-known offering by the FAA that has specific stipulations. We offer Recreational Pilot training at both of our locations.

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Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots are permitted to fly aircraft and receive payment for their flight work. We offer an introductory commercial pilot license course each year.

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Flight Simulator

Our BKL location houses the only Redbird Flight Simulator in Northeast Ohio that is Level 3 FAA certified, and it's made from a scrapped fuselage!

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Online Courses

Zone Aviation wants to be your destination for online ground school education. We're working to create a comprehensive set of video courses which will be available soon.

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Flight training costs can vary depending on the program, duration, equipment, and your experience level. We do our best to make sure flying is affordable!

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